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What's New

4-18-2019 Added 2020 Party Plaform and Dale H. Learn Bio.
3-30-2019 Added state election Data NY 1902 - 1920, Menzo C. Beardsley Bio, Bert Travis, local NY activist Bio, A.G. Wolfenbarger, John G. Woolley and Mary Bargar. Misc corrections.
1-30-2019 Dr. John Das appointed by Mr. Knox as the new social media chief, for more link to the following article: http://www.american3rdpartyreport.com/2018/10/prohibition-party-reestablishes-social.html

Current Social Media


Social Media Manager Das says, “In order for the Prohibition Party to reach people, it is important that you are engaged with our online social media, and that you invite your friends to these pages as well – so that the movement will grow. See also the website www.prohibitionparty.org 


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