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3-11-2021 - 3-12-2021 Updated  John Russell, Wendell Phillips, Green Clay Smith, Gideon T. Stewart, Henry A. Thompson, Joshua Levering & Henry B. Metcalfe Bios and add bios for Adams B. Leonard, Solomon Parsons, Thomas C. Richmond, George Vibbert, William T. Wardwell
3-10-2021 Added bios for The Washington Party, Henry Eshbough, J.P. Orr, John F. McMurray, Julius C. Hughes, Van B. Wesker, John Sobieski, Paul C. Yates, E.E. McClellan, J.M. Ritchey, Simpson_Ely, Elbridge H. Benham
3-4-2021 -
Added Congressional election data for 1902, 1910, 1912, 1916 to states CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MA, MD, ME, NC, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SD, TX, VA, VT, WA, WV, WI
1-26-2021 Add Candidate Card to MO 1912, updated J. Frank Hanly Bio
12-3-2020 Added Tompkins Square Temperance Fountain to Temperance Fountains page. Additions to the alcohol plank bibliography,
11-29-2020 Added photo to James Black Bio and update Temperance Fountains page.

Add Bios for Lucius O. Jones, Belle G. Bigelow, George H. Bigelow, Christopher C. Crowell, Isaiah I. Lightner, Paul C. Burhan, Wesley H. Maddox, Harry Trumbull Sutton. Added links to Nebraska Election Data..

10-4-2020 Update National Committee Listing on background page and add latest Prohibition Logo

8-24-2020 -

Add Bios for Clinton B. Fisk, John B. Finch, Helen M. Gougar, William J. Groo,
Landon A. Cutler, W.H. Gilstrap, Ferdinand B. Hawes, G.W. Woodbey, Anna R. Woodbey
Updates to IN, NB, NJ, VA, WA, state voting pages.


Added Bios for Moses Votaw, John J. Sutton, Theodore D. Kanouse, Andrew C. Merryman, James Joshua Blaisdell, Ole A. Ritan, Whiting Griswold, Henry D. Cushing, Jesse H. Jones,
I. Austin Bassett
, and Harvey W. Hardy. Updates to CA,MA,OR, WI, state voting pages


Added Bios for Rev. George C. Haddock, Alphonso Alvah Hopkins, Augustus C. Kinney, William D. Lyman, Cornelius J. bright, Isaiah H. Amos, Updates to NY, IA, IL, WI, OR state voting pages.

4-30-2020 -

Added Bios for Fred Stuart, Ray Lindquist, Updated RI Election Data for 1896 & 1897 and bios

4/25/2020 -

Added Bios for Helen Stoddard, Cleon Winningham, Daniel A. Poling, David S. Wilds. Updated Bios for Helen M. Galloway, Don Klingensmith, Paul & Mary Kenworthy, Ralph C. March, E. Harold Munn, Jr. and PNC Convention Rules

4/12/2020 Updated Executive Committee & Nationa,l Committee listing, Added election data IA 1897 & IL 1897

Added Bios for Samuel B. Shapleigh, Henry H. Faxon, Willard O. Wylie, A.J. Hunsacker, William Gisriel, Updated Bios for Walter Westerman

3/29/2020 Added Bios for John D. Adams, Helen M. Gougar, William J. Groo, Samuel D. Hastings, John B. Helwig, James B. Hobbs. updated Bio for Alfred L. & Charles E. Manierre,  George W. Carroll
2/23/2020 Updated Election Data for MI 1898, CA 1900, and NJ 1920 & NJ 1928
2/16/2020 - 2/17/2020

Added Bios for Norman bradfield, William Bledsoe, Ray V. Block, Warren C. Carburg, John B. Lauder, William D. Ross, Helen M. Galloway, Oscar C. Griswold, Gaetano Thomas Maratea, Alan LaRose, Alfred T. Halsted, Merlin W. Voller, F. W. Lough, E. Harold Munn, Jr, Jerry Johncock, Mildred Montgomery, Donald B. Lawrence, Verdon R. Dunckel, Elroy M. Loose, Mary K. Persons, Virgil C. Finnell, Thomas J. Sard, Lester Whiteman, John C. Jones, Fred H. Ross, Edgar E. Zimmerman, Clarence L. Mills, John S. McColl, Burt W. Ayres, Ralph E. Meras, Paul W. Cox, John R. Stelle, Mel J. Miller, Barbara P. Snyder, Alson E. Wrentmore
Updated Bios J. Ralston Miller, Rollin Severance, Paul H. Kyburz, William J. Persons, Phillip E. Fisher, Mamie Colvin, William Varney, Ralph C. March, C. Floyd Hester, Edwin M. Cooper, Thomas E. Boorde, Carl W. Thompson, Delmar D. Gibbons, Robert H. Garrison, Julia B. Kohler

1/20/2020 Added Wendell Phillips Bio and updated MA 1870 Election Data. Added data for 1960: IN, 1896: CO, LA (New), NJ, RI, WA & WI.
1/15/2020 - 1/19/2020 Added 1889-1898 Election Data: AL,CO, IA, IL, KY, MD, MI, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, WV and link Data to applicable Bios. Added Bios for Carl Thompson, C. Floyd Hester, Leslie R. Rice, Frank Stevens, Loren Roberson, E.L. Parsons, W.W. Warner, Fred W. brown, Claron Paxson, Omar Arnett, Roy V. Bishop, Howard Hadin, Elmer Lewis, Alfred Craighead, I.L. Bender, George B. Callahan, Walter E. Dillon, Loren Harris, Lewis Jeffrey, Donald B. Mack, David C. White, Thomas E. Boorde, Albert J. Crispell, William J. Persons, Mary M. Kenworthy, Phillip E. Fisher, Paul Kenworthy
12/31/2019 Added 1874 State Convention Notes
11/24/2019 Added Ungovernor bios...A.B.L. Gellerman, George Franklin Stiver, Arthur S. Caton,
A.H. Sherwood
, R.E. Dunlap, and Roger S. Greene
11/14/2019 Added Gregory Seltzer Bio
10/8/2019 Added Amanda Way Bio and linked to Idaho 1900.
10/2/2019 Added Simeon Pease Meads and Hollis B. Parrish, Jr. Bios: Added links to Temperance Links Page.
10/1/2019 Added James H. Blanchard Bio and Maryville University Smoking Cessation Program link to Issues section of the related links page.
9/30/2019 Added John H. Hoffecker Bio, Updated PPHS Membership List
8-17-2019 Updated Marie brehm Bio.

Added Congressional data for PA (1912, 1914, 1915), Madison F. Larkin Bio, Convention notes for 1912 and General data clean-up! Updated Herman P. Faris Bio,

6-28-2019 Added Bios for 2020 President C.L. "Connie" Gammon & Vice President Phil Collins Canidates.
6-26-2019 Added Bios for Presidential canidates  John P. St. John (1884) & Herman P. Faris (1924)
4-18-2019 Added 2020 Party Plaform and Dale H. Learn Bio.
3-30-2019 Added state election Data NY 1902 - 1920, Menzo C. Beardsley Bio, Bert Travis, local NY activist Bio, A.G. Wolfenbarger, John G. Woolley and Mary Bargar. Misc corrections.

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