Prohibition Party Related Links

If any of these Links are inactive, please report them to us by mailing James Hedges.

Election Material

Project Vote Smart  Federal Elections Commission
Ballot Access News Campaign Management
Center for Voting and Democracy The American Political Items Collectors

Prohibition Advocacy Websites

Temperance Movement Organizations

International Organization of Good Templars International Commission on Prevention of Alcoholism
Woman's Christian Temperance Union  The Salvation Army
The Health Reformer Templars of Honor and Temperance
Sons of Temperance Independent Order of Rechabites
American Council on Addictions and
Alcohol Problems
Movendi International

Anti-Gambling Organizations  

Anti-Tobacco Organizations

ASH (Action on Smoking Health)

Tobacco use in the American Indian/Alaska Native community (

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids



Recreational Drug Research Organizations

Center for Science in the Public Interest Alcohol Justice
Join Together (Boston University School
of Public Health)

Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) 

Federal Government Agencies

Office of National Drug Control Policy Drug Enforcement Administration
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms  


The following Links are to give a sampling of national organizations which deal with public issues in ways that are consistent with the Prohibition Party Platform. These organizations do not necessarily endorse the Prohibition Party, nor does the Prohibition Party necessarily endorse them. For additional information, consult the Project Vote-Smart Yellow Pages and The Encyclopedia of Organizations, available at your public library.

Earthwatch Institute Concord Coalition (against Federal deficits)
American Family Association The Cato Institute (limited government)
Second Amendment Foundation (firearms) The Heritage Foundation (limited government)
Action on Smoking and Health Negative Population Growth
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Appeal of Conscience Foundation
Center for Immigration Studies Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America
Population Connection Corporate Accountability International (formerly "Infact")
Public Citizen Judicial Watch
National Right to Life Committe African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council
Friends Committee on National Legislation  

Denominational Statements

American Presbyterian Church

Church of the Brethren
Christian and Missionary Alliance  

News Services

Breaking the Habit

A myriad of organizations will take your money and try to help you break your addiction.  We take no position on which approach will or will not work in any given situation, but here are a few references to rehab services....
Maryville University Smoking Cessation Program

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS)

Library Resources

University of California at Berkeley, Bancroft Library-- Bancroft has a (partial) microfilm copy of The National Voice, late 1800s-early 1900s.  The call # is F850.N3.  The originals are held at UCLA.

  Westerville (Ohio) Public Library -- Westerville, a suburb of Columbus, was the home of the Anti-Saloon League.  Their collection runs from 1830  to 1933. 
Indiana University