Church of the Brethren

Over the years Brethren have spoken often about abstinence through Annual Conference. A paper was approved in 1976 which is a lengthy document citing facts and figures about alcohol use and summing up in part with this statement:
“The Church of the Brethren has consistently and repeatedly stated its opposition to the manufacture, sale, distribution and use of alcoholic beverages. We further urge Brethren to refrain from working in the production, distribution or dispensing of alcoholic beverages for consumption by the individual, or the production or sale of materials to be used in the manufacture of such products.”
      A query came to Annual Conference regarding alcohol use again in 1988 which was just four lines in length and recommended: “That the 1976 statement on alcohol urging abstinence be affirmed”.   

Brethren Benefit Trust will not invest its pension monies or other investments in any industry related to the sale or production of alcoholic beverages.