Charles R. Jones

Charles Reading Jones was born 9 November 1862, near Philadelphia.  "He was educated in the public schools and business colleges of his native city.  In 1880-90, he was a member of the saddlery hardware firm of Charles Jones & Sons; in 1890-93 was secretary and manager of the Frank Barcus & Jones manufacturing company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and in 1890-94 was manager of the John Wannamaker harness department.  In 1892-97 was chairman of the Prohibition Party of Philadelphia, in 1897-1905 of the Prohibition Party of the United States.  Since 1905 he has been president of the associate prohibition press and has contributed extensively to American literature.  Since 1900 he has been president of the People Company, publishers of the People of Chicago, Illinois."

Source: Herringshaw's Library of American Biography, Volume III, p.349