2003 Convention Notes

An alleged "2003 nominating convention of the Prohibition Party was held at the Chairman's home in Lakewood, Colorado on 12-13 June.  Some members of the National Committee were not notified in advance that the meeting had been called, and others were told by Chairman Earl F. Dodge that they would not be admitted.  Eight people were present:  Chairman Dodge, his two daughters, and five other members supportive of Dodge.  In addition to failing to observe the By-Laws requirement for prior notification, there was not a quorum.
     Members of the Action! Prohibitionists Caucus subsequently obtained signed convention-call petitions from 17 other members of the National Committee -- an absolute majority of the 29 members (one additional member had died recently).  This group, 16 Prohibition National Committee members in person and by proxy, met at Fairfield Glade, Tennessee on 5-6 September2003 and declared all actions of the Lakewood meeting null and void.