Organizations with Similar Interests

The Prohibition Party is the electoral politics arm of a group of organizations with similar interests in personal responsibility and public morality.  Among these are the International Organization of Good Templars, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, the American Council on Alcohol Problems, the International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, and their state and local affiliates.

The temperance movement, the collective impetus of all of the above, 100 years ago was a potent force in American politics.   Today, it has few adherents and virtually no articulate spokesmen. 

International Organization of Good Templars

POB 202238, Minneapolis, Minnesota  55420-7238
(cell) 952-210-0382 / (FAX) 952-435-8093
( website)

The IOGT has a very small presence today in North America, but it is vigorous in Europe and Asia. The following overseas websites may be of interest:


IOGT Norway












IOGT Switzerland

What is called the "Maltese Cross" is part of our IOGT logo. It is imprinted on our organizational flag and is included in our literature, with a replica of the globe in the center and the name "International Organization of Good Templars" inscribed as a circle surrounding the cross. This particular form of the cross has four equal arms, reaching out to all points of the compass, inviting all people to join us in making a commitment to peace, brotherhood, and total abstinence from those things that are damaging, dangerous, destructive, and detrimental to humanity. —Rev. Robert S. Turton III, IOGT chaplain, writing in The National Good Templar, April-May 2000.

The IOGT operates "Good Templar Parks" today in three locations:  Big Marine Lake, Minnesota; Lake Geneva, Illinois; and Mercer Island, Washington.

Memorabilia of the IOGT in the United States are preserved at the IOGT Historical Center in Good Templar Park, Lake Geneva, Illinois (open by appointment).

An archive of IOGT material is available at the  Cornel University Library.  See:  Edward C. Sturgess, Collector, International Order of Good Templars Records, 1845-1978.  Collection # 2573, 24 cubic feet.
     IOGT archives also are available at the Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House, 12 Caxton Street, London SW1H 0QS.

Insurance Consequences of Drinking

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is not a "temperance organization," but it deals very effectively with the rehabilitation of alcoholics.This site would not be complete without reference to AA. However, this is not to imply that AA endorses prohibition as public policy. The AA program is based on personal choice and, as a whole, the AA has no opinion on unrelated organizations or their goals.

Much historical information on the origin of Alcoholics Anonymous has been collected by Richard G. Burns. Burns' material can be accessed through his personal website

SOS -- "Save Our Selves" --  conducts an alcoholic rehabilitation program based on secular principles which may be helpful to people who are annoyed by the religious atmosphere of the AA "12-Step Program."  SOS is sponsored by the Center for Inquiry, Box 741, Amherst, New York 14226 /

International Congress on Alcohol and Addictions

This series of congresses began in 1885 (the name varies). It lost its temperance orientation in the 1950s and now includes general alcohol issues, as well as matters involving tobacco and gambling. It maintains a headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. For general information visit: