Charles Sheldon

“Dr. [Charles M.] Sheldon was born in 1857 at Wellsville, New York.  His father, Stewart Sheldon, was a Congregational minister, serving parishes in New York, Rhode Island, Missouri, Michigan and Dakota.
     He spent his boyhood on a farm in South Dakota, and graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, in 1879; from Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island in 1883; and from Andover Theological Seminary in 1886.
     He was called to the pastorate of the Congregational Church, Waterbury, Vermont, in 1886, and from there to the Central Congregational Church, Topeka, Kansas, in 1888, where he still is.  For some years he held the relation of minister-at-large of this church, with indefinite leave of absence to lecture, hold conferences and assist church federations and kindred causes…..
     Dr. Sheldon has achieved wide fame as an author.  His greatest book, In His Steps, has made him well known the world over, this book having been published in seventeen different languages…..
     An earnest exponent of practical and livable Christianity, Dr. Sheldon has won his way into the hearts of the people through his sermons and his books, with his messages of brotherly love, righteous living and true service.”

— Speeches of the Flying Squadron