We now have several state committees actively promoting candidates.


A Florida state committee has been organized by Bill Bledsoe, Box 3554, Milton, Florida  32572.   Bledsoe has registered the Florida Prohibition Party with the Secretary of State's office, and it is a "recognized" political party in Florida.


  A state committee also exists in Pennsylvania. It makes small grants using half the income from the George C. Pennock Fund, but it does not endorse candidates and does not conduct any activities of its own.

Action! Prohibitionists are all those individuals who energetically seek to promote the candidates and platform of the Prohibition Party. There are no dues, no rules, and no elections. You become an Action! Prohibitionist by being an Action! Prohibitionist.

For assistance in becoming an Action! Prohibitionist, contact the editor of this web site, James Hedges, at box 212, Needmore, PA 17238.

Action Prohibitionists
PO Box 212
Needmore, PA 17238

Third-Party Coalitions

Small parties in some states have formed "third-party coalitions," which work on ballot access problems and other mutual concerns. To contact the third-party coalition in your state, please consult richardwinger@yahoo.com