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New York

Members of the Prohibition Party in New York has established a new state group to help promote the party and speak on issues within New York State. Those who are interested in joining are welcome to email


The Pennsylvania State Committee makes small grants using half the income from the George C. Pennock Fund.  Recent recipients have been the Pennsylvania Council on Alcohol Problems and the Pennsylvania Third Party Coalition.

The Pennsylvania Prohibition Party has its own website, found at

Action! Prohibitionists are all those individuals who energetically seek to promote the candidates and platform of the Prohibition Party. There are no dues, no rules, and no elections. You become an Action! Prohibitionist by being an Action! Prohibitionist.
     For assistance in becoming an Action! Prohibitionist, email the editor of this web site, James Hedges or write Box 212, Needmore, Pennsylvania 17238.

Third-Party Coalitions

Small parties in some states have formed "third-party coalitions," which work on ballot access problems and other mutual concerns. To contact the third-party coalition in your state, please consult